About Colloidal Copper

Colloidal Copper is a suspension (or colloid) of either ionic and or nano size particles of 99.99% pure copper in distilled water. Copper is known to help in the formation of bone, haemogloblin, and red blood cells, and aids in the balance between zinc and vitamin C to form elastin. It is involved in the healing process, energy production, hair and skin colouring, and taste sensitivity. This mineral is also needed for healthy nerves.

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smShoppinCartColloidal Ionic Copper at 10ppm and Colloidal Nano Copper at 10ppm, both available in a 30ml dropper, a 50ml atomiser spray or a 100ml bottle as well as Colloidal Copper Gel in a 10ml roll-on applicator or a 30ml jar both at 20ppm