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My Personal Testimony

In April 1991,  I (Chris Davies) had a major motor vehicle accident whilst travelling home from work in Sydney, Australia which resulted in me losing a quarter of my body (hemipelvectomy) and being confined to a wheelchair. Since then to now at the time of writing this document i have had 61 major operations and 16 minor operations and spent a total of over two and a half years in hospitals throughout Australia.

After my varied treatments in hospitals i always left with boxes of antibiotics, pain killers, ongoing prescriptions etc. which then seemed to be the normal thing.

After 10 years of taking antibiotics, painkillers and many other forms of prescribed medications, i got really ill and got rushed to my local hospital with blood poisoning.

After a numerous amount of swabs and blood tests the blood poisoning was attributed to a strain of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which i had consequently acquired after my many stays in various hospitals during treatment.

The antibiotics that i had been prescribed previously to fight the infection were no longer working as the strain of the infection had become tolerant to the treatment of the antibiotics.

As a result i was administered a super antibiotic known as Vancomycin intravenously and had to stay in a isolation ward in hospital for days until i was well enough to return home.

After this it seemed that i was constantly ill for the next few years and ended up with severe chest pains, sore joints, high temperature, sweats, numbness and tingling of the body, again i was rushed to hospital.

After being in hospital for a few days the Doctors told me that the infection that i constantly suffered (MRSA) was now in my blood system and this may have affected the heart. Again i was given Vancomycin intravenously, kept in an isolation ward and monitored until again i was well enough to return home.

Approximately six months later i collapsed at home and got rushed to the local hospital. Initially i was connected to a ECG machine to monitor my heart, had various blood samples and swabs taken for tests.

Later in the day after seeing many different Doctors and Nurses who examined me and took observations and notes, a young Doctor finally came to see me, pulled the curtains around the bed and told me the following "I am sorry to tell you Mr Davies but there is no more that we can do. We are not able to treat the infection that you have"

These words and his voice are something which are imprinted in my head and i still remember it today like it was yesterday.

He explained that the infection was rife throughout my blood system and this was affecting the heart. It was only a matter of time before other organs would became infected and that the heart would eventually fail.

The Doctor promptly left the ward after his beeper called him to another patient, i consequently left directly after him with no medication and returned home in a daze.

After leaving the hospital i was not only feeling ill but cheated because the hospitals that saved my life were also the source of this illness.

Within an hour of getting home i was on the internet researching something called Colloidal Silver which was recommended to me some months before by a friend and a local naturopath. In desperation i was willing to try anything but at the time was unable to source any locally or from Interstate.

I promptly found a company in the United States that produced Colloidal Silver generators, placed an order and it arrived within days. I immediately started making the Colloidal Silver as per the very limited instructions.

After researching what others had used it for and how, i started by holding an amount in my mouth for about a minute, then gargled it before swallowing. I did this about 6 to 8 times a day somedays even more.

Upon first taking it there was a really metallic taste to the Colloidal Silver, this taste lasted for a fews days until i noticed that it wasn’t tasting at all.

I didn't notice any difference to how i was feeling in the first week of taking the Colloidal Silver and if anything I felt worse than ever. This i put down to the infection getting worse but i kept on taking the Colloidal Silver in hope.

Towards the end of the second week of taking the Colloidal Silver i was starting to feel somewhat better within myself. My joints wasn’t hurting, the sweats had stopped and i was feeling like i had a lot more energy than the previous week.

Three weeks later I had blood tests and swabs taken at the local pathology unit at the request of my then local GP (General Practitioner). Within a couple of days my local GP called me and asked how i was feeling and asked could i meet him at the pathology unit which was just across from his surgery.

Naturally concerned i agreed to meet him only to see my GP with a huge smile on his face. This i found a bit strange. We then met with the Head Pathologist who showed us the the pathology report of my recent and previous blood tests.

Comparing the previous and most recent blood tests and swab results that i had taken there was no trace of the MRSA or any infection in my blood or on my body. He and my GP asked what i had done and what i had taken, to which i replied Colloidal Silver and explained what it was. This was something he and my GP claimed not to know anything about but knew about the properties of silver but they and didn’t and wouldn’t comment any further.

I know for a fact that my GP never added any details in regards to colloidal silver and the treatment of my infection on my medical records which i feel is wrong.

I first started producing and developing various other colloids and due to my background as an electrical engineer and have been heavily involved in producing new techniques, equipment and methods for producing various colloids without the need for any chemicals, additives, binders or stabilisers.

Since returning to my home town in Wales where i now dedicated my time to producing the finest of colloids for myself, friends and anybody else for various reasons.

Friends, family and aquaintances and some of their pets and plants have successfully used Colloidal Silver for different reasons with amazing results.

Personally I still take Colloidal Silver on a nearly daily basis but only a small amount (5ml) as well as Nano Gold, I also successfully used Colloidal Silver on open wounds to keep it free from infections and minimize scarring.

At the time of writing this article I (Chris Davies) have not once suffered the return of the MRSA infection or any colds, bugs or flu’s. I no longer take antibiotics, painkillers or any other prescribed medications.

Chris Davies
August 12, 2014

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