Colloidal Silver Gel Convenience Pack

The Silver Gel pack includes 10ml Colloidal Silver Bullet Gel with roll-on applicator and 30ml Jar of Colloidal Silver Gel.

Description: 10ml + 30ml of Ionic Colloidal Silver Gel at 20ppm.

Our topical Colloidal Silver Gel contains Colloidal Silver @20ppm. A smooth odourless, non greasy gel with all the benefits of Colloidal Silver.

Applied directly to the body/skin, dries clean with no residue within minutes leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed and can help keep the skin sterile while at the same time promote rapid healing with less scar tissue.

Ingredients: Steam Distilled water & 99.99% pure Silver at 20ppm, Gel: (polyacrylic acid, aminomethyl propanol)

Colour: Light Yellow

Size: 10ml + 30ml

Packaging: The Bullet and the Jar are made of glass to help preserve your Colloidal product.

Important Information: Keep away from electrical items and strong magnetic sources such as speakers.

stop-warning-50pxDo NOT use if Allergic to Silver • Do NOT store in the fridge


Convenience Packs

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  • Silver Travel Pack
  • £22.95
  • 100ml Colloidal Silver, 50ml Colloidal Silver Atomiser, 30ml Jar of Colloidal Silver Gel
  • Save 10%
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  • Super Gold Pack
  • £37.20
  • 2 X 100ml Bottles of Nano Gold and a 50ml Nano Gold Atomiser, both at 20ppm
  • Save 15%
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  • Silver Gel Pack
  • £12.15
  • 30ml Jar of Colloidal Silver Gel and a 10ml Silver Bullet Roll-on Gel, both at 20ppm
  • Save 10%
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