Colloidal Silver Travel Convenience Pack

The Colloidal Silver Travel Pack

Description: 1 x 100ml amber glass bottle of Colloidal Silver @10ppm.

1 x 50ml atomiser spray bottle of Colloidal Silver @10ppm.

1 x 30ml Colloidal Silver Gel @20ppm.

Size: 100ml + 50ml + 30ml gel

Packaging: The Bottles are made of dark amber glass and the jar is made of black or amber glass to help preserve your Colloidal product.

Important Information: Keep away from electrical items and strong magnetic sources such as speakers.

stop-warning-50pxDo NOT use if Allergic to Silver • Do NOT store in the fridge


Convenience Packs

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  • Silver Travel Pack
  • £22.95
  • 100ml Colloidal Silver, 50ml Colloidal Silver Atomiser, 30ml Jar of Colloidal Silver Gel
  • Save 10%
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  • Super Gold Pack
  • £37.20
  • 2 X 100ml Bottles of Nano Gold and a 50ml Nano Gold Atomiser, both at 20ppm
  • Save 15%
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  • Silver Gel Pack
  • £12.15
  • 30ml Jar of Colloidal Silver Gel and a 10ml Silver Bullet Roll-on Gel, both at 20ppm
  • Save 10%
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